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Sailing cruise

But the time runs quickly, and two days in Rovinj shortly ended. Shortly, we might be leaving our Villa Sveti Petar that is hospitable, when I would have to say that we are going to sail in Croatia and my major secret would be disclosed, and now, simply charter a yacht! But I told Michael that we've got several hours through the town before we shall be picked up and taken away.
We wandered to the marina at noon to shoot some images of Rovinj from in the meantime and the opposite shore to admire the yachts that were snow-white. "Just picture sailing someplace on one of them," said Michael.
Something I was cherishing for nearly a year came true. A certain line was drawn-and only the sea was before us.
"This is the present! Happy birthday, my dear! Any of these snow white beauties is yours for the whole week, my skipper!"
The crew and the captain were introduced to each other. There it was-our Bavaria. It was called Daisy. Luckily, regardless of the name, the yacht did not get us:-) - Can you help me with yacht?

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